Game of thrones.. And hater me!

2. června 2014 v 21:31 | Amy |  Dear diary...
Psané v angličtine, jenom názor, ale když už na Hru o trůny koukám v angličtině, nemohla jsem odolat tomuto malému vkladu. Ač za moc nestojí, vyjadřuje pouze a jenom můj osobní názor a dohady, např. co bych si přála, nepřála atd. Omlouvám se, ale hru o trůny nesleduji pravidelně, tak nevím přesně jména, či snad tituly, či nějaké drobnější detaily, ale snad se mi podařilo vytvořit názor na věc. (Pokud u 5. bodu byl nápad již vytvořen někým jiným, nekopírovala jsem a spoiler také nejsem - opravdu nevím :D )

I know, khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen, Stormborn, mother of dragons (and other titules) can´t just die for nothing, but I wonder, If she would die, what would happen? I found out some (good) reasons, well, here you go:

1. I am hater!!

(Sorry, just first thing that came out of my mind, seriously, I hate that girl!)

2. Too powerful?!

She has been weak from the beginning. Her brother wasn´t true dragon, so she let him die. C´mon girl, you should use him better way! And also, he was your brother, you know? (I wouldn´t let my brother just die, btw :D )
Then she became khaleesi, mother of dragons and pretty strong woman. I kinda don´t like her character, like, she has been too fab for too long time. And it´s suprising, that no troubles with people haven´t appeared yet! I really wanna see her weak again. Or dead, at least. Or let die one of her dragons. It would be pretty interesting... (Sorry, I am just hater, so...)

3. Goodies dies too quickly!

Good guys dies everytime. For example Ned Stark. He was a good man, I agree, but because he was just stupid and loyal, he let his wife die, his doughters almost die... I relly loved him from the first time he appeared and then he just died. ._. But I guess I had to live without this poor and a bit too brave guy. Khaleesi is just too young for being a queen. If khaleesi was somehow a man a she was Ned Stark at the beginning (Well, if her caracter was a man called Ned Stark at the beginning, like, houseband of Catelyn) I would be really happy, If he, or somehow she would die.
I would like to see Ned (also, as a woman :D :D ) on the south, as a queen/ or king, or whatewer! At least I want him to be alive. As Catelyn will be. (Sorry, for this spoiler :D )

4. How old are you, little girl?

Titul explains it all.

5. Mama dragon, on the screen!

I really love (my own!) idea of introducing the real mother of dragons. I don´t remember at all, where thoose guys found three eggs of dragons, but if would be amazing, if their true mother would appeared. In my imagination, she would be like changing into a dragon and a woman, but just for the limited time. She was on the north behind the wall, but when thoose frozen guys, walkers I guess, started moving, she got out of ice. She was last living dragon for years, but her eggs got lost. Then she wanted to die, so she left, but fall into water. She was a dragon, so she couldn´t just freeze, as walkers, so she has been there for thousands years, frozen. When she got out, the only thing she wants are her babies, cause khaleesi, in the mama´s dragon´s opinion is just a thief, who stole her the rule of being their mother (mention is like, being with them in fire, when they were born). And... Well, I would love that caracter. Half animal, that tries to explain his own situation... Everything would get... Complicated :3 :3

You may think, that the fifth point isn´t at all reason, why I hate that girl, but I kinda agree with the imaginary mother dragon´s opinion. She was just a human, just a girl, who can´t rule the world. Noone can´t rule the whole world (Well Ned Stark could, but it´s another story :) )

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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